Our Story

MissioChurch is an organization made up of men and women who have been there. We have felt the thrill of God’s voice confirming what we believed in our hearts to be our calling to gather friends, family and strangers to live the adventure of faith in Jesus together as a new church.

We have also felt the crushing loneliness of planting without a plan, a family to lift us up and adequate preparation for the journey ahead.

We believe that Jesus drew us together to help others navigate the way ahead avoiding the pain of going it alone.

We can’t prepare you for everything you will encounter out there, but we will share what we have and be with you in those moments no one ever saw coming.

Our History - In the Beginning

Formed in the confluence of Anabaptism and Radical Pietism, our tribe, The Brethren Church, fought to maintain the dynamic tension between these two schools of thought and faith. It has been said that Pietism is the heart of our movement and Anabaptism is the structure through which we express it. The result has been a church widely diverse in its expression. 

Our Values

We find ourselves to be a people who are both Christ-centered and kingdom-focused.  Building on the courage of our early founders, MissioChurch holds to these ideals in our thought and practice: 

People of the Word and Spirit

  • Scripture as Narrative
  • Leading of Spirit
  • Non-Creedal
  • Conservative/Progressive ("Tethered Freedom")


People in Community

  • Peoplehood
  • Communal Interpretation
  • Consensus Making


People Following Jesus Together

  • Discipleship/Apprenticeship
  • Lived Theology (Head and heart)

People of Loving Obedience

  • Simplicity
  • Peace/Reconciliation

People of Pilgrimage

  • Alternative Community
  • Generational Mandate and Responsibility

People of Holistic Witness

  • Outward Focus
  • Service and Evangelism
  • Cultural Exegesis


Where We are Going

We love church planters and are passionate about starting new churches. We are most excited about planting churches who once again lean into the tension of Anabaptism and Pietism…We believe that the dynamic ideals that came together to form our movement were no accident. We believe that God sovereignly drew us together this way because he knew the world would need our unique witness.

As a church planting ministry, we are young. But we believe that the world needs us to once again give our gift freely to the world around us. If you see the world like we do and feel The Father calling you to His mission with us, please contact us. We’d love to love you.