Missio Podcast

Episode 12: Race in the Church

January 26, 2018

We find out the secret to Dustin's style, and chat about the cross-cultural call of the Church

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Episode 11: Call and Oates

December 04, 2017

Bill confesses his love for showtunes. We also call Hall'n'Oates, before diving in to a deep look at ministry calling. What is it, how does it look in current culture and church planting?

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Episode 10: My way or the Highway

August 15, 2017

Bill and Dustin introduce a new contest, chat highway etiquette, and discuss how God's will is to reduce and eliminate space both between humans to humans, and between humanity and God. 

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Episode 9: Tommy, Can You Hear Me?

July 26, 2017

The guys chat through Bill's cabbage patch doll named Tommy, Dustin's cuddle cemetery, and God's call on us to eliminate space between ourselves, and between us and God. 

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Episode 8: The Chucklefest

June 06, 2017

Dustin & Patrick get a case of the giggles in this chucklefest, as we try to unpack the second half of our two-part episode on public and private realities in church planting.

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Episode 7: Public and Private Reality

May 30, 2017

This week, it's all about Stranger Things. In this two part episode, we tackle the theory side of public and private reality in church planting.

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Episode 6: Bear or Bare?

May 16, 2017

In this Episode, Bill & Dustin enjoy the warm weather and weigh out the risks of bear encounters. Or bare encounters? We also wrestle a real bear: organizational/leadership toxicity in church plants.

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Episode 5: Third Places

May 02, 2017

Today, we honor those who serve…customers, along with Bill's lack of golf skills. After paying homage, the Missio Podcast chats through third places and church planting.

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Episode 4: Incarnation as Protest

April 18, 2017

Bill & Dustin tackle furious sign language and The Last Jedi, all the while taking on Incarnational ministry and living.

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Episode 3: Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?

April 04, 2017

We chat pompadours, Stevie Wonder, The Cosby Show, Honey Baked Hams and incarnational ministry.

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Episode 2: A Rejoicing City

March 21, 2017

Bill and Dustin chat through what a rejoicing city looks like, and how Church planting can help or harm that

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Episode 1: Church Planting as Advocacy

March 07, 2017

Dustin White and Bill Ludwig kick off the Missio Podcast by discussing Church planting as advocacy

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